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Say Cheese

deadandco kimmel group

Right off the bat: this is bullshit and it needs to stop. Are Oteil and Jeff Chimenti in the band or not? They’re not the backup singers or the horn section; they should be in the picture. Maybe–just maybe–you can not let the keyboard player in the picture, but Oteil plays bass. You need a bass player.

And interviews, too. Let Oteil and Jeff Chimenti sit in for the interviews. Now: I am not a lunatic. I am in no way suggesting that either of them be allowed to speak. But let ’em sit there. What do they do when the pictures and interviews are taking place? Because I picture them standing immediately out of frame in the shot above, pouting. Perhaps Jeff Chimenti will kick feebly at the dirt, and say, “I didn’t want to be in their stupid picture, anyway.”

Also: every time I’ve figured out whose making the funniest face, I change my mind. It’s probably Mickey, but the other two are trying their hardest.

Also also: Mickey’s cold.

Also also also: $215 grand.


  1. Mayer kinda resembles……..Bela Lugosi’s Dead&Company.

  2. In the competition for best face, they all tied for last.

  3. Cool, Billy’s wearing the same shirt I’m wearing and we’re wearing it because you, Mr. ToTD, gave some anonymous dude free advertising awhile back who printed them up because Jerry wore the same in on the sands of Egypt in 1978. At my age, it’s the only Dead shirt I’d ever wear.

  4. Billy look like the devil . . . juss sayin

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