Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To




What the fuck?



“We thought it provided an incongruously beautiful mise-en-scene.”


“Fucking with ya. I got no idea why we put that up.”

What are the monitors propped up on?

“Pizza boxes full of sand.”

It’s the Grateful Dead way.



  1. The guy up there with his laptop and his feet hanging off the back isn’t fooling anyone. Time Sheath strikes again

    • That’s Charlie Miller. He’s not even trying to be stealthy about it. On the other hand, the Time Sheath is why we can listen to almost every live performance the GD ever played. This business about the “lost tapes making their way back to the vault” isn’t fooling anyone, either.

  2. Have the long-lost priapistic-entertainment cartridges of this show implanted in our very own towering Pigpen’s anaplastic cerbrum finally been discovered interred with him?!?

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