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Scholarly Pursuit

The mumblemumbleth annual Grateful Dead scholarly convention took place at the University of California, San Jose (Go Banana Slugs!) recently and I was working on a thing about it when I came across one of the papers presented.

It is by an independent scholar named Kay Alexander; the paper is called “Let Us Now Reconsider Pigpen.”

I now have a crush on Kay Alexander and would like to marry her right up.


  1. I hate to play the pedant, but the Banana Slug is the mascot of University of California, Santa Cruz. There is no UC San Jose. The aforementioned conference was held at San Jose State (as evidenced by several annotations and logos on the page you linked to. I have no idea what SJSU’s mascot is but I’m sure it licks balls compared to the mighty motherfucking slugs of old Santa Cruz.

    That is all.

    • I appreciate the correction, but I take it you’re new here.

      First off: welkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

      Second: long-time readers will recall that, due to my spotty geography skills and allergy to doing any research whatsoever, TotD has declared that all schools in California belong to the UC system, and all of their mascots are the Banana Slugs.
      For example: the UCUSC Banana Slugs. Or the UCStanford Banana Slugs. (Sorry, Steve.)

  2. I thought you were making this up until I got to the part where your joke wouldn’t have made sense if you were.

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