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One of my favorite recycled bitsI MEAN…UM (cover, man, cover!) hilarious running gags that the fans clamor for (phew! No one noticed) is the semi-regular listing of the abnormal and terrifying ways that people have gotten here via the google. As always, the phrases have not been altered in any way. Dig in, won’t you?

Jim Paw-risson, Elvis Purr-sley, Jimi Hendrix (who is a kitty) cat names for dead rock stars –

Real site or David Foster Wallace plot point? www dot naked teens on drugs dot com

Way too much work grateful dead dicks picks ranking, favorite dicks picks poll

Way too much work what is white heat in lovemaking?

This guy knows what he wants, dammit thoughts on the dead bill kruetzman dick punch

Stop caring how to dress like jerry garcia

Why are you talking about my Bar Mitzvah? jews grateful dead nitrous

Possibly the lyrics how did duprees diamond blues get its title

Say ‘there’ like ‘their’ and take the ‘k’ out of…now you see it people holding there dicks picks

The Tie-Dyed Croaker, also know as grateficus bufoonus grateful dead shirt frog

I won’t pretend it’s not funny, but I don’t approve who else was banging donna jean

It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it snowdog dubstep

The opposite of Viagra bob dylan david crosby photos

Do I even need to say anything? why isn’t billy kreutzmann playing ?

Hasn’t quite grasped how to internet yet

Fuck you, take yourself take me to the leader of the band


  1. Trying to be short and to point here. LOVE blog. Recently (springingish) found it. Thanks for being my literary version of John Khan and shoveling bags of virtual Persian (said “virtual” NSA and Tim Cook) in the form of archival blogs at me..that started sarcastically but in retrospect…thanks..really. I’m through July ’13. In roughly 3 or more archived months I will morph into the animated husband/wife cartoon”…..married a deadhead”. There are a few people I’d like to share that with, however, they may start to ponder if perhaps there are supports groups for people like them, that have to deal with people like me; people that give THEM the bouguoise look because they don’t see the hilarity in how jerry will let Bob go on for 2 minutes thinking “ok, he’s on board with doing estimated” to the point where jer even starts the meter count for estimated and then in a split millisecond does the “ooh…yeah..sorry guy…yeah..were NOT gonna play that…you black Peter you”. Might help if they knew what estimated was. I did say “TRYING to be short and to the point here”. I too love captioning Phil et al. photos and was going to suggest perhaps a submission of captions for photo of your choosing; at some point, like during a musical lull. But, with john Mayer and friends doing fall tour now, I’m guessing there shall be NO LACK of material anytime soon. So that was my original point; and to compliment your writing…and to inform you that via the July ’13 post on what people click on to arrive at your site, you have forced to me into occasionally inserting “totd” into some biblically bizarre google shit, so I can link to the site….so there’s that.

    Which is nice..

    Thanks. You are quite talented at this


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