Once again, due to popular demand I imagined, TotD presents FUNTIME WITH SEARCH TERMS! Presented below are how some of you weird, shameful fuckers got here. As always, they are [sic] the lot of them: it’s funnier that way.

jerry garcia wearing a jacket of skull and roses design, jerry garcia wordpress theme  Visual learners.

crazy old fuck, “lou reed” molested  Been here before, but they were high and forgot the name. Understandable.

donna godchaux fucking bob  That’s Mrs. Donna Jean to you, but I like your sex-positive feminist reading of the situation.

what really happened to bob weir, why does bob weir look so bad?, bob weir fat We talking about the same guy?

thoughts on the dead.com Confused by the google.

too da loo used in sentence  You just did, sorta.

thoughts for the deceseased, dead musings, thought of the day on death  Now those first two we can put squarely in the ‘close but no cigar’ category, but that last one is the worst idea for a calendar I’ve ever heard.

thoughts for a dead nice lady OH MY GOD, JERRY LEWIS READS MY BLOGGINGS.

mickey’s thoughts  Murder and shrimp cocktail.

black dicks picks  This guy did not find what he wanted here.