Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Second Set (Pre-Drums, Plus Drums)

  • It is dark and we are together in this place; we own this place now, tonight.
  • Security is not even trying to look busy; there are no cops, it seems, inside.
  • The ushers are in blue tie-dye, and the security is in red.
  • Both groups are black, almost exclusively.
  • I do not claim to be an expert in black people, but I can recognize when a black person has had enough of white people and their foolishness.
  • It’s a very specific facial expression: the equivalent of a blackjack dealer clapping their hands after a shift.
  • “That’s it! I officially disengage from the follies of these white folks!”
  • For example, the white folks they were being paid (half of them) to shepherd tonight seemed to care about something called a “Mason’s Children opener,” whatever that was.
  • Child, it was like white boys was talking in code up in here.
  • Phil seems to be the driving force behind putting the old songs back in the rotation, but forty-five years hasn’t helped: they still can’t sing Mason’s Children, but nothing matters when Trey smiles his way into the first line of Scarlet Begonias.
  • Because the place lost it.
  • My fav pic from Fare Thee Well.
  • The sky was yellow, and you’ve heard the news about the sun, and Trabant played the solo he used to play in front of his mirror, but better louder so much louder and we cheered along with the redhead because we always knew, no matter how many times he denied it, he always wanted to be a Grateful Dead.
  • Who wouldn’t?
  • Bruce is all over the tapes and so is Jeff Chimenti with the old-school Moog laser-sounds in the Scarlet jam; they were audible that night in the sense that they were part of the big loud noise coming from the north end zone of Soldier Field.
  • Bobby makes more sense in this mix, too: he was too high up live and the minimalist stuff he’s doing fits in with the band (which, let’s not forget, has 93 people in it) but sounded weird real loud.
  • Bruce sang everything well all weekend, but it should be noted that he steps on the opening riff to Fire on the Mountain.
  • We are somewhere around the fifty-yard-line on the left.
  • Page side.
  • The one place the security is keeping order is the stairs between the field and the seats.
  • Deadheads love stairs.
  • After the war, when everything is ground to dust, there will be one stairwell left on earth.
  • And a security guard will be chasing a Deadhead off of it.
  • Mickey has now assumed control of both the show and the mammoth HD screen on the far side of the stadium.
  • It is 128′ by 40′ and cost $7 million, along with its brother behind the stage.
  • This is the first time they have been used for real; they were installed only in May.
  • No one had even noticed the thing until it was turned on for the Mickey and Billy Power Hour, which is like suddenly realizing an elephant has been in your house for a few weeks.
  • The whole field turned as one and the picture was so bright that some people put their sunglasses back on, but they were probably on drugs or something.
  • I both do and do not want to watch pornography on Soldier Field’s 128′ by 40′ HD video screens.
  • Space is also shown on the screens, but not New Potato Caboose.
  • I hit the bathroom, myself.
  • Are the just gonna play the version from Two From the vault?
  • Not, like, play that arrangement: just slide that AUX cord this way and drop that THIRTEEEEEEEEEEN, yo.
  • No?
  • Then: bathroom.


  1. Morning Douche

    July 15, 2015 at 1:20 am

    Felt bad for Trey on that Fire intro…

  2. This is why I missed you when you were off at the shows cavorting with your new pals:

    no one to bitch with about the lack of a Thirteens jam

    you call that a New Potato, Philbert? really?

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