Tell them. Tell them how far down the Queen hole you’ve gone.

I can stop any time I want.

What are you downloading right now?

Some live stuff.

“Some?” Two shows? Three?

Slightly more than that.

How much more?

Ten gigabytes.

Jesus, man.

In my defense, that’s only nine or ten Dead shows.

But these aren’t three-hour Dead shows in the lossless FLAC format, are they?

God, no. MP3’s.

How many fucking shows is that?

Maybe 30? 35? Didn’t count.

You do realize they played the same set for a whole tour, right?

I know that, yes.

You bring shame to your dojo. At least show the nice people a cool picture of Freddie or something.

I can do better than a picture.

Chest, cock, and teeth.

Yup, that’s Freddie.