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Shadowboxing With The Apocalypse


Dead & Company showed this at setbreak; Bobby said something. Tonight of all nights, the show must go on.


  1. I’m not familiar with Periscope, but I just caught the encore there, and this is part of the first set,

  2. I heard Bobby say something, then I heard there was bad news, and since then I have tried very hard not to look or read.

    That can wait till tomorrow..

    Whatever happened Dead and Co delivered a show for the ages..

    Shouting thunderously into the darkness.


    • It seemed like they were exploring more last night. Maybe working towards taking the training wheels of JM and getting to a point where the song choices occur in a more Grateful Deadish manner? Relying less on set lists.

      Part of my hope/thinking that these guys do more tours is that Mayer maybe wants to experience true Grateful Dead spontaneity.

  3. “Shouting thunderously into the Darkness” indeed. What a tremendous 2nd set –

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