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Shaman Of The Marriott

jerry whiteWorcester, I think.
I’m sure.
I think I’m sure, sure enough.

They get the magic;
I get the Ramada.
Lots of fuckers say they’re wizards;
Lucky me; I got believed.

Kids get the rain dance;
I get the plane ride.
I ask for pears and I don’t get them.
The pears would go nicely on that dealy-bob behind me.
No pears.

The Centrum?
The Sportatorium?

Everywhere is some place,
They tell me.
Abbadon and the rest of the Abandoned Gods
Hear us
From anywhere

With their noise engines.

All for them.
We get fruitless hotel rooms and
Swollen ankles.

(With thx to Mr. Completely for the inspiration.)


  1. It’s cool that a major American hotel chain was named after a guy in Humble Pie.

  2. The destroyer

  3. Who can deny? Who can deny it’s not just a change of style?

  4. Worcester? Why did they even bother with Worcester? Providence was questionable but became acceptable over time. Wusstah is and will always be the city(?) that time never remembered in the first place.

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