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She Got Balls

I don’t know if you read Jezebel, but apparently Serena Williams won and the scoreboard is racist (which is typical, as it is cis-gendered.)


  1. What the fuck is cis-gendered? I don’t really want to know. If I wanted to know I could google it. I know is someone actually uses that phrase or any of the other substitutes for boy and girls in a conversation they’re gonna get BILLY’D

  2. To be cis-gendered is to identify with your biological gender. I am “cis-gendered” because I have the body of a girl and identify mentally as a girl. I just… Feel like a girl. I’ve never had any doubts about it. “Transgender,” on the other hand, is when one feels the opposite gender than their biological sex. It’s not nearly as prevalent as the media portrays it. (Although, maybe people are just less scared to talk about it.) transgender people might desire to change their gender in order to feel comfortable with how they feel inside. It’s complicated. But they are deserving of the same respect nonetheless!

  3. Spencer, your joke about taking up drinking after having googled cis-gendered suggests that you find the concept ridiculous, or depressing, or what have you. And sure, it might seem unnecessary at first, but think about it this way:

    If there’s no word for what cis-gendered refers to, then somebody who is not a transgendered person is what? Just a person, right? The very lack of signifier there marks the “cis-gendered” person as just being a normal person, as opposed to the transgendered person, who is now an abnormal person.

  4. Garrett, I apologize. Now i understand.

  5. No worries at all. Teaching moments are good for everybody.

    It’s easy for me to be holier than thou now that I’m aware of the concept and understand what it’s for, but I definitely thought the whole thing was unnecessary and kind of silly when I first heard about it.

    So apologies on my end for misconstruing genuine ignorance for willful intolerance.

  6. i learn so much here. i mean that. not just about which shoes to listen to (and i keep a list now), but things like this. and i live in san francisco, so i should have known! thanks to all! except billy.

  7. It’s all good. Genuine Ignorance is my DJ moniker

  8. Oh, Spencer, you weren’t being mean to anybody. I always add in the part about transgender people deserving respect (especially based on their character, not their outward gender/gender issues) so people understand that I’m not a dick. I’d much rather you be happy in your own body than not. I’ll admit that it is definitely challenging for those without gender issues to understand, but these things aren’t made up. People have all sorts of shit going on. Nothing wrong with that. ☺️

  9. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    September 12, 2015 at 8:39 am

  10. we understand yr not a dick

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