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She Looks Happy

Off-White - White Grateful Dead

God didn’t make enough middle fingers for this bullshit. This is that Virgil Abloh asshole and this poorly-made, barely-designed garment will cost you $280. (Well, it won’t cost you $280, but some dumb fuck is gonna buy it.)


  1. oh, that is brutal.

    & Jesus…have you seen the back of that thing?

    They look like they’d make a serviceable towel rag for a car wash…on the other hand, maybe not. Flimsy.

    A final decision will have to wait until they’re remaindered at Saver’s for $.99.

    Enthusiasts- you can do your part in helping that process along by boycotting their retail purchase. Although surely I don’t really need to request that, do I?

    Once I was an innocent little lamb, and thought that there were only two basic kinds of products- goods and services. That was ostensibly what it was all about, in the grand retail marketplace of capitalist economy. One or the other. And then I find entire stores full of…this…

    What’s Stanley Mouse doing these days, anyway?

  2. Summer tour ’93 ? Ugh. Too many ‘I Fought The Law’ encores. And that drive from Giants to Detroit was brutal.

    At least it was better than Summer ’94. Actually, I would probably respect someone who had enough balls to charge $240 for a Summer ’94 shirt.

  3. So ever since I clicked on that SSheetz website, or whatever it is, I got the ad following me around on my computer.

    The place needs an upgrade, to get more lifelike mannequins.

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