bobby slides coat and tie

Tired of the adulation and applause, Bobby would cosplay as James “Honeydew Hog” Mellon, the owner of Delaware’s third-largest sheet rock supplier, in town for the annual trade show. Sure, he was the boss’ kid, but he started from the bottom, delivering those heavy and unwieldy pieces of walling to job sites from Wilmington to Dover, and now he enjoyed a little bit of peace. Enjoy some of the money he’s broken his back for.

But Helen: Jesus, that woman can spend. Redoing the bedroom again. Third time in four years and every time she does it, I have to relearn where everything is, and I spend weeks banging into things in the dark.

And the kids. Fuck. I…yeah. The boy’s using again. Stacy–that’s one you fucked up good, huh, Jimmy?

Hey. The bar.

Bobby would let this stranger’s problems fill up his mind until there was no room left for his own.