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Sheriff’s On My Trail

All of us should be ashamed at what the first thing we noticed was.


  1. What are you talkin’ about ? May ’77 was a monster month.

  2. Please post the weekend inserts. I could use $207 for an MSG ticket.

  3. There is absolutely no way that the beauty queen caught that marlin, nice to have Miss Florida on a fishing show, but do not fool yourself, Miss Florida can not fish.

  4. I didn’t notice what you were thinking of immediately and I thought you were just messing with us because of what the headline reads. Where is the guy now?

  5. I noticed first the big mugshot of the scary black guy. He looked harmless in the current pic though.

  6. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 16, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    That’s the guy who rents my basement apartment, why do you ask?

  7. Sure, but in my defense “SoFla” really is a terrible abbreviation

  8. Spencer, May 27th is my birthday. Just curious, what was absolute magic that day in Liverpool?


    • I’m trying to look it up but man, I can’t really tell. Only things that are coming up are things about the football club, and a plane crash that happened in the Canary Islands. Must’ve been something big!

  9. I think Liverpool won the European cup on May 25th. I imagine they likely celebrated with a free show by the Beatles on the 27th!

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