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Short-Haired Cat

jerry short hair 93

Hey, Garcia. Happy birthday, buddy.

“Yeah, okay, but it was a couple days ago.”

Oh, you haven’t heard? Your birthday is now nine days long.

“Really? My poor mother.”

Women were tougher back then.

“I dunno. I met some pretty tough women in my day, too. Married a bunch of ’em.”

You did.

“Nine days?”


“Oh, right. The ninth, right.”

It’s a compliment. People like celebrating you.

“People like celebrating.”

True. Hey, Garcia: what’s it like?



“Slept through it.”

Right. One more question.


What’s with the hair? You like Gene Simmons when KISS did The Elder.

“Ah, fuck off with your obscure bullshit, man.”


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  1. His hair is in the lobby of the Hard Rock LV

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