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Sign O' The Times

bobby signing shit

Bobby was promoting his new love-advice book,  Think Like a Garcia, Act Like a Bobby. He insisted on writing “You’re a strong independent woman and you don’t need no man,” on all the books and it was holding the line up something fierce.

Also, Phil just lost it when he heard. “That’s what I write!” Phil said.

And Bobby just drank his chocolate milk and when he was finished, he had chocolate milk all over his mustache and he didn’t lick it off, just stared at Phil while it dripped.

“I write that now,” Bobby said.

“Yeah, Bobby, yeah. Okay, brother. No problem.”

“Say it.”


“Say it!”

“Where Weir–”


Okay, this has gotten too silly. Stop it.

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  1. what IS that book? it looks like it is called “come together.” but wouldn’t that be a beatles book? and what does mr. weir’s name tag say?

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