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What’s transubstantiation?

When a communion wafer wants to be called Caitlyn.

That sounds wrong.

No dumber an explanation than the actual one.


  1. I’ve never understood it either.

    That being said, I did turn to my mom once when I was 5 years old and said, “Mommy, I don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days. That’s physically impossible.” The best part was that this happened in church.

  2. transubstantiation is a sore subject in the catholic world in case you were wondering…common sense tells you that it’s ok if it’s just a ritual, even very young me was dubious that those pasty wafers actually were transformed, or even if it even mattered if they were or not.

    it’s mockable I will agree

  3. So I bought the communion wafers and I went into my sister’s room and said, “Don’t tell mom, but I just bought a box of 1,000 communion wafers.”

    “What????? How much?” She said.

    “Like $10.” I replied.

    And she stared at me for a few moments before saying, “…THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!”

    Oh my god, I can’t wait to go to hell.

  4. Belief in transubstantiation is harmless.

    Thinking that the Rainbow in Santa Clara is Jerry, and the Butterfly in Lockn is Jerry and all that is harmless as well.

    Tooth Fairy.. Harmless.

    Belief in Santa has however transubstantiated into evil.

  5. Lol why would your mom ever give a shit you bought comunion wafers? Is it something the kids are getting high on

  6. the transmutation of timothy archer

    (P.K.D 4Lyphe)

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