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Similarities Between Motörhead And The Grateful Dead

  • Both bands composed exclusively of mammals.
  • Guy named Phil.
  • Never played Algeria.
  • “Motörhead” and “Grateful Dead” rhyme, I suppose.
  • Bobby and Lemmy preferred their shorts short.
  • English fluency.
  • Beards.
  • If you needed a guy killed–like you were honestly trying to arrange a hit–the bands wouldn’t help you, but someone in their road crews could give you a number.
  • Type-II diabetes.
  • Prone to wearing their own shirts.


  1. Do you think Lemmy and Jerry crossed paths at
    Bickershaw in May 1972 ?

    Hawkwind was there?

  2. The number you got from the crew was a fan of the band.

  3. Looked up Stacia. Right on.

    She’s not bad, Stacia. Built for comfort.

    I always liked Hawkwind, what I’ve heard of them. But the British acid progs were on a different wavelength from the Dead, and some of the band members have stated their distaste for the good old choogly band. Lemmy, for one, and Daevid Allen of Gong being another.

    I can’t return the antipathy; I quite like Gong, and while Motorhead was never my cuppa, Lemmy was a survivor (until now,I guess) who kept his wits about him, even when he was out-pounding anyone else in the chemical enhancement sweepstakes. I mean, snorting from a vial of atropine (mis-read as “amphetamine” until it was too late)…somehow he managed to shake that one off, and go on for another 30 years or so. (ref. High Times interview with Lemmy Kilminster, c.1980s-early 1990s.)

    • yeah I’ve worked with Daevid Allen, he’s a twee twat

      I personally think Gong is absolutely awful, but I was willing to give them a chance live…pretentious hogwash to me, and the people were insufferable

  4. As much as I abhor Rolling Stone, they have some good material here:

    “I don’t do regrets. Regrets are pointless. It’s too late for regrets. You’ve already done it, haven’t you? You’ve lived your life. No point wishing you could change it.”

  5. At Motorhead’s first gig on 7/20/75 at the Roundhouse in London, they played Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.

  6. Other similarities…

    * Fans universally disliked in most towns they invaded
    * A group of Metal fans and a Group of Dead Heads are both going to attract the cops, the Dead Heads will prove easier to arrest.

    • Lot of people loved us in the local towns until things got out of hand around ’88 or so…not everywhere of course, or everyone…but a lot of the business owners and such, wait staff at the restaurants, places like that often said they were surprised how nice Deadheads actually were and how little trouble there was

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