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Single-Serving Dead

As all Enthusiasts know, the Grateful Dead should be appreciated in units of show. Most bands can be enjoyed via song, but I never want to hear just a Dead song; they’re out of context that way. They seem so naked and cold. The Dead comes in units of show.

But one can make an exception for an exceptional set, especially if it’s a second set, and even more so if it’s from1982, which was the year Garcia discovered his love of onstage napping. Not on 3/13/82 at the Centennial Coliseum in Reno: he and the band are in tip-top shape, and they almost sorta kinda play Dear Prudence during The Other One.

Go listen to it.


  1. I saw he band on 3/14 at Davis. They opened the show with the highly inappropriate “One More Saturday Night.” Bob said “we forgot this.”

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