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Sittin’ On Top Of The Bench

brent uptown 80Pic of Brent I hadn’t seen before, from that set from the Uptown in 1980. The best part is the piano bench that looks like the road crew stole it from one of their aunts’ houses. That bench is 10/10 Grateful Deads.

“Ramrod, what if I need to play the other keyboards?”

“Slide down.”

“But, I thought that–”



And that was how Brent learned where he sat.


  1. This was the tractor trailer for RatDog when they started carrying too much equipment for a straight truck. The hart I had designed as a tribute to the song Silvio (silver and gold won’t buy back the beat of a hart grown cold) but I thought it was aestheticly pleasing and fit the tone of the overall image.

  2. Not sure Brent played that analog synth much (minimoog), but it cheered me to see it, I think it dropped of his rig pretty quickly.

  3. We Rate Grateful Deads©

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