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Sitting In The Heart Gold Band

bobby donna sweetwater heart of gold

“Which one of you is the astronaut?”

“That was the other night, sugar. This is my band. Y’all are sittin’ in with us tonight.”

“Ah. What does the kid play?”

“He ain’t in the band, Bob.”

“We got a kid in the band now, but he’s a little older. Taller, at least. Have you met him?”


“Is that his name?”

“I have met him several times now. How much of this summer you remember, hon?”

“There were fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

“You and I both know that was a guess, Bob.”

“Was it hot?”

“You’re not inspirin’ confidence, sugar.”

“Phil’s black now.”

“It’s comin’ back to you.”

“We battled Godzilla.”

“That some sort of half-memory/half-translated hallucination about Fenway Park and the Green Monster?”

“Good chance it is, yeah.”

“Then: yes, Bob. We battled Godzilla.”

“We win?”

“Even better.”

“We made friends with him?”

“It was a good summer, sugar.”


  1. There is something strange going on in Mr . Weirs potato salad region…..

  2. Bobby looks the most sane of the bunch.

  3. Bobby actually did battle Godzilla, and he was victorious.


    Hampton Coliseum, 1987. Jack Straw. Giant inflatable Godzilla crashes the stage. Bobby defeats Godzilla by striking it with his guitar. All is once again right with the world.

    I repeat: Bobby defeated Godzilla.

    End transmission.

  4. I think Creepy Ernie puts a pouch there for some purpose only Creepy Ernie would think off.

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