band 1971From left to right:

  • Billy, you’re kidding me. You look like the Zodiac Killer.
  • There are three interns and the kid who gets the coffee hidden behind Keith and propping him up. The interns were all killed, but not the kid who gets the coffee, and since he’s pretty much the only person who actually does anything around here, no one was really upset.
  • The reason for Bobby’s belt buckle is that he took some shrapnel in a covert-ops mission to the farmer’s market, and much like Iron Man, he was forced to invent technology to keep the deadly shards of metal from getting to his dong.
  • Apparently, a fox has walked by and Garcia is sucking in his gut.
  • Phil only stopped by the photo shoot on his way to the Mod Squad audition he had later that afternoon; he was up for the part of “Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead” and he was beaten out for the role by Peter Tork.
  • You can’t tell me 100% that Pig’s alive in this picture. He probably is, but it’s not a fact.