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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Six The Hard Way

Mickey: actively masturbating.


“Hi, there.”

“Yeah, uh, hi.”

Who is speaking right now?

“Bobby’s thighs.”


Noooooooope. Not happening.


Everyone looks like they’re sucking up to Garcia to get a promotion.


Billy’s shirt by Wyatt Koch. (Click at your own risk, but I’ll tell you upfront: you’re gonna want to murder the next rich fucker you see.)


Amir Bar-Lev is directing a documentary about Phil entitled Tucker: A Man And His Shirts.


Seriously, how was Bobby in a band with these mutants? He’s like an Eloi among Morlocks.


  1. “Everyone looks like they’re sucking up to Garcia to get a promotion.”
    Pretty much always, right?

    Post In The Dark, Billy had a line item in the budget for Just for Men.

    There must be a limit to the unevenness of the cutoff. Those shorts are a fing moonshot past.

  2. Ain’t gonna lie, I would pay 12 bucks for that shirt at a thrift store.

  3. Late 80s Bobby is peak Bobby. Discuss.

  4. That is the most homoerotic pic I’ve seen of them. What do Brent and Mickey have going on there? And Bobby, during the 80’s i was convinced by my finely tuned gaydar that he is gay.
    Someone please post again those videos of him running! I believe one was backstage and the other in Golden Gate Park at a track.

  5. The Wyatt Koch thing brings out such mixed emotions. Yes, the urge to murder is there, but I’m surprised to feel a bit of sympathy for that doughy ginger. He’s just following his bliss. While I’d like to think he’ll fall on his face (into a pile of money, so no harm), I think I know humanity well enough to know the doughy fucker will earn considerably more in his lifetime selling those dumb shirts than I’ll make as an attorney.

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