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Six Young Chiquitas In Omaha

band 78 bw shadows

This is the only picture available from 7/5/78 from the Omaha Civic Auditorium, and it may or may not be a random picture from ’78 that I am claiming is from 7/5/78. Regardless, it is enormous and fit for use as a desktop or, if you are a medievel Pope, a ceiling fresco.

As you may have guessed, somehow or other a copy of the Complete July ’78 Recordings Of Completeness found its way to Fillmore South and, after a minute or two of thought, I decided to start with David Lemieuxnitionsexpert’s pick, the Omaha show; holy shit, is this thing stellar. I have not heard the second set, but I am ready to declare it the BEST EVAR. In fact, I am doing so. It has been declared.

Also: Garcia’s plump little titty.


  1. The boys have some history in Omaha. Their first show there was at a 500-seat club called The Music Box, opening for Iron Butterfly on February 4, 1969

    The opening act was The Liberation Blues Band, details here

  2. Mutual of Ohmagod…Garcia’s plump little titty.

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