band 1977 mops braids

  • Keith, dude…don’t put your face on the goddamn mop. Can’t even believe I had to tell a man in his thirties that, to be honest.
  • That look Garcia’s giving Bobby’s mop? That’s the look, that’s the look of love.
  • Billy’s a fucking Tom Waits song over there.
  • The skull cradled in Mickey’s arm wasn’t a skull the morning this photo was taken: it was a man, a man with a family and a wife and a mistress and a boyfriend who just happened to order the last bear claw at the coffee shop. Mickey loves his bear claws.
  • Good evening, Mrs. Donna Jean: would you care to join me for some wine and cheese and barbiturates?
  • Seriously, Billy looks like the first chapter of Flowers for Algernon.