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Sleepy Alligator In The Noonday Sun

bobby poolside.png

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Plotting my next move against Dr. House.”

George Hearst.

“Sure, sure. Gotta get that gold from the hula-hoopers.”


“Gesundheit. Y’know, I’m kinda surprised we haven’t seen a Grateful Deadwood type deal.”

With you guys playing the parts?

“Sure. There’s, uh, Mrs. Calamity Jean.”

Nice one.

“Josh could play the sheriff.”

He doesn’t have the range.

“Mickey is Sol Star.”


“And Oteil could play the–”

Stop talking, Bob.

“Oh. Yeah.”

What are you reading, anyway?

“Checking out your site, actually.”





  1. Are we sure all those body parts go to the same person?

  2. This might be the first time I have seen Bobby’s belly button.

  3. Great picture, your minions are everywhere.

    Young John Mayer is roaming the grounds collecting Pokeman.

    John was taking the footwear battle up a notch last night.

    He was wearing these.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    July 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Mr. Relaxation. work that disembodied foot like a gear shift, make Peterbilt shifting noises.

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