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Small Business, Man



Brent? You get a hold of the Time Sheath again?

“Oh, no. I’m not Brent. I’m a Brent Mydland impersonator.”


“Yeah. Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, wakes. I call it Rent-A-Brent.”

How’s business?


Yeah. Whatcha drinking?

“Locally-sourced Mudslide.”



  1. There was a Bob Weir impersonator around the Bay Area in the 80s. Really, it was a time bound thing–you couldn’t do it now with Instragram, you’d post the photo and all your friends would tweet “that’s not Bob.”

    The weirdest impersonator in the Bay Area was a guy in the San Jose area who pretended to be Manny Charlton. Who is Manny Charlton, you ask? Well, he was the lead guitarist in the Scottish band Nazareth, who had had an early 70s hit with a rock and roll version of “Love Hurts.” The weird thing was that only a few people even remembered Nazareth. How do you impress chicks, and get guys to buy you drinks by claiming to be the lead guitarist of a Scottish band from a prior record that no one remembers way out in San Jose? He kept getting arrested. You used to read about it in BAM Magazine.

    At least the Bob Weir scam had a chance for some action, although I suspect it was sort of like being short the straddle–the girls impressed with Bob Weir knew what he looked like, and the guys who didn’t care about the Dead wouldn’t have bought the real Bob Weir a drink.

  2. Don’t forget Alan Conway

  3. Werewolf drinkin a pina colada at Trader Vic’s

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