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Smile For The Camera, For The Camera

jerry picture 7:2:67

A reminder: there has always been commentary.

Picture the Dawn of Man. Maybe a Tuesday. No one had ever done anything before, and then someone did. Immediately after that, people began reviewing it, compiling candid behind-the-scene reports about it, parodying it, and wondering what it all meant, cavemaaaaaaan.

Your tweets are today’s Talmudic commentaries, just with fewer violent hand gestures. Probably the same amount of beards.


  1. Is this Palo Alto July 2 ’67? I could look it up, but I’m eating.

    Bob Matthews looming in the truck?

  2. —–Where’s the camera roll for the guy snapping Jerry? Inquiring (German) minds want to know—-

    nice question corry !

    ..but if we could find the rolls for every camera we have spotted in grateful dead photos.. we would increase our intensive archive by at least 20%…too many cameras .. not enough pictures
    —same date—

  3. this one

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