Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Snakes And Flowers




“Ssssson of a bitch.”

Snake T-Shirt?


Stop being jealous of Bobby’s cowboy shirt. It’s awesome.

“I’M AWESSSSSOME! You can’t even sssee the gunssss!”

I’ll give you that.

“Sssssun’s out, gunssss out.”

Sun wasn’t out. Show was at night.

“You know what I’m sssssaying.”


“Look at that thing. Flowerssss. He looksss like a sssissssssy.”

A what?

“A sssissssssy.”


“Ssssnake beats flower. Ssssnakesss eat flowersss.”

They do not.

“Vegan sssnakesss.”

No such thing.

“Next time he wearsss me, I’m biting hisss nipplesss.”

Good plan.


  1. If Bobby starts showing up onstage in a Nudie Suit I’m afraid it might be time to have him put down

  2. That bunkhouse huh? 15 years old. That sounds kinda scary actually. Older cowboys, young Bobby. I , just , I can’t seem to be comfortable with it.

  3. Good God Man..

    You know he bought that in Nashville, it appeared after or during Nashville.
    It is a horrible fit, so you know he bought it off the rack.

    I am like a 5 hour drive from Nashville, I get paid in a week.

    I am getting myself a stack of 100 dollar bills and this road trip ends in shopping. What is your size ToTD?


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