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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Sneak Preview

bobby trey phil omnstage
“You’re not my Garcia.”

“And you’re damned lucky for it, mister. If I were your Garcia, you would be going straight back to your dressing room to put on some human clothes.”

“Are you talking about the stringent dress code you maintain in your side project?”

“Phish is not my side project, Bobby.”

“Got one fucker looks like Divine’s nerdy brother/sister, got another sitting next to Kanye at Fashion Week.”

“Page looks okay.”

“Page looks like he has a game of Settlers of Cataan going. Don’t tell me how to dress, Not Garcia.”

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  1. in profile, that looks like a 2nd trimester tummy; guitar resting on a southern hemisphere; extent of eclipsed peepee stick correlates w/ extent of tix travesty?

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