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Soft Launch

bobby pretty rando.jpg

Bob, I can see your nipples.

“It’s cold.”


“I’m gonna miss the randos, I’ll tell you that.”

Miss? You’ll be home for a couple weeks. You just announced tour dates on your new website.

“Oh, right. Yeah. Tours kinda blend together at this point.”

At this point?

“Maybe always.”


“I, uh, checked my website.”


“There’s a badly-cropped picture of me.”


“And that’s it. Well, and my name. But there’s not enough pixels, it seems.”

What about the tour dates, or the information about your new album, Blue Mountain, which comes out September 30th?

“That’s some good plugging. Thanks.”

My pleasure. Back to the site. Did you find the information?

“Just the fuzzy picture of me.”



What league the Tamalpais Chiefs in?

“Bush, apparently. I gotta make a call.”

A shame you don’t know anyone in the tech industry who could’ve helped with this sort of thing.

“Go bother Phil.”


  1. It honestly looks like I made it…… hahaha

  2. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    August 4, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Are there other Shorelines, other than “at Mountain View”?

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