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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Solo Trio

Some people enjoyed Jerry Band; others didn’t. Kingfish and Ratdog were serviceable bands.

phil chick drummersThere could be no disagreement, however, on the fact that Phil & the Phoxes was a bad idea from concept to execution.


  1. What the hell is actually happening here? I love all these awesome photos.

    • I know I might be prone to exaggeration, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what the story behind this photo is.
      From Phil’s hair/’stache/bass, I guess it’s ’68, but I could be off.

      • If anyone could offer a real explanation I’d love it, but I’m perfectly happy imagining Phil & the Phoxes. Phil on solo bass with two female drummers. Sounds like the kind of avant-garde shit Phil woulda done.

        Maybe throw TC in there just cuz he’s a weirdo too.

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