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Some Mate For Life

bobby wolf
We can all agree that if Bobby had done this while Garcia was alive (which Bobby wouldn’t have, by the way: look how uncomfortable he is in the picture,) then Garcia would have punched Bobby in the heart with a knife. You don’t rub another man’s rhubarb, you don’t fuck with his car, and you don’t play his guitar.

Jimmy Page still hates Robert Plant for this bullshit right here:

robert plant double beck

“Ooh, look at me: I’m Jimmy Page and I’m daaaaaaark and scaaaaaaaary.”

“Put that down, Percy.”

“I’m so good at guitar, I play two at once.”

“If you were literally any other human being on the planet, I would literally have you beaten to death.”

“Yeah, but I’m me, so: WHERE’S ME VIOLIN BOW?”


  1. Thanks for not making a potato salad joke.

  2. So darrrrrk, it was rumored that he often hung upside down, like a bat!!!!!………but in the end….beoWolf guitar noodling & GD lyrical personification of earthly elements wins….

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