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Some Men You Just Can’t Reason With

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Fucker blocked me. Can you believe that?

Has he blocked you? Could you check? I mean: no threats or harsh language, but you can fuck with him if you want. (I want you to.)


  1. He blocked me on Instagram when I posted to your blog and teespring page.

    He was replying to me through “Etsy conversations” though, and claimed he didn’t know the image was someone else’s because he “got them wholesale.” I told him why that made no sense, and he didn’t address it. He also seemed to suggest he wasn’t aware that the stolen image was posted on FB, Twitter, etc., and told me to contact anyone I see posting it directly and ask them to credit it.

    When I suggested that these accounts were all run by him, since his shop is linked in the Instagram profile, etc., he didn’t respond.

    • yeah he told me that same lie on Etsy chat. I have a screenshot of it – even thought it’s clearly a lie, it would actually be an Etsy ToS violation if true, so I reported THAT as well.

    • He’s left my comments up on Instagram. I posted one pointing to here, we’ll see how long it stays up.

    • Hippie hell hath no fury like a Bardes scorned…..

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