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Someone Straighten That Damn Picture

John Perry Barlow, TotD is glad to report, posted this pic of himself with Bobby and a fellow named Lucas Autry Nelson, who may or may not be related to any of the famous people he shares names with. JPB reports that they are writing some new cowboy songs for Bobby to bother the drummers with.

Any tweet from John Perry Barlow brings a smile to my face because, if you add up all the minutes, he was dead for around an hour this year. Happily, it never took.


  1. dat other guy is hot…… not the guy in the glasses. mustache dude

  2. guess that leaves JPB out. but he is an excellent ex.

  3. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    December 2, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    love lukas

  4. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    December 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    I got to meet JPB once at a virtual reality conference back in the 90’s!

    But being socially awkward, couldn’t think of much to say besides thanks for EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and GD lyrics and the cool columns he wrote for Communications of ACM.

    • Man, virtual reality has been right around the corner for a while now, hasn’t it?

      • Bonnie Lass of Fenario

        December 2, 2015 at 8:37 pm

        hehe! Not many people understand that.

        I think it will flame out yet again. Some people will buy the Oculus, some will like it and some won’t. After the initial interest, people stop buying them. Facebook writes it all off their taxes and we don’t hear about VR for about 5 years or so.

        There is a nice side effect in that there are effective VR applications in medicine, military, business that have been around for a long time, and they get a boost from all the attention. As well as some good equipment for cheap.

        I’m reminded that the first time I heard about VR was when they talked about it in Rolling Stone, and Jerry was quoted in the article or something like that.

  5. If Weir and Barlow are trying to write a Cowboy song, it is in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary of Me And My Uncle. It’s the only scenario that makes sense.

    I assume it will be the story of the singer life’s in Mexico took the gold he grabbed after he left his uncle dead by the side of the road. I can only guess, it being fiction and all, but I assume he started a factory that made exportable goods using cheap Mexican labor, taking advantage of NAFTA. I don’t know how you rhyme “I-35 corridor,” but that of course is what Barlow is there for.

    I’m sure it will be a big hit.

    • Hesitant as I am to correct a man of your magnificence, but my spies inform me that Weir/Barlow/Nelson are working on a sequel to Mexicali Blues.

      This time the girl is no longer fourteen, but instead a 41-year-old with three teenagers who still likes to drink tequila.

      • By George, I think you’ve got it. Sequels to Me And My Uncle, Mexicali Blues, El Paso, Mama Tried, Big River, BIg Iron, The Race Is On–all about 50-something people with drinking problems. That pretty much is country music in a nutshell anyway.

        It’s going to be huge, like Donald Trump or something. Katy Perry can star in all the videos.

      • There are no women twice their age, regardless of nobility, gentility or rage. I know, it’s not a country song.

  6. Ahh..

    Welcome to Aqua fria.. home of the big iron burger.

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