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Sometimes, There’s Only One Side To A Story

If you’re voting for Trump, you’re a stupid, racist asshole. If you’re offended by that, then you’re the stupid, racist asshole that I was talking about. I’ve lost my sense of humor entirely on this subject, and I’m sickened and saddened by what my country’s become, or at least what my country’s revealed itself to be.

The man is an incompetent, anti-Semitic whoremonger who doesn’t do his homework. He openly admires tyrants past and present, and picks fights with the mothers of dead American soldiers. He pisses in every well he comes across by spreading rumors and lies, and cheats anyone dumb enough to do business with him. He bribes public officials, boasts about how he got away with playing a crooked system, and then–in the same breath–promises to clean up that system. He is humorless, vain, and coarse, and sees strength as the only admirable attribute. He has been fined by the Justice Department, cited by the IRS, and adjudicated against by court after court. The man is a slumlord from Queens and he is not worthy of America.

What he is doing, what he is fomenting–intentionally, knowingly, laughingly–will not dissipate on the 9th: he will leave the electorate like a heavy smoker moving out of an apartment, having impregnated his stench into the walls and ceiling, cigarette after cigarette, speech after speech. He has gathered the tribes: nationalists, anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, paranoiacs, Putin apologists, homophobes, and the generally shitty. Children of the 10’s, this is your Altamont.

Trump also has another large, vocal pocket of supporters called the Alt-Right. They espouse a vicious hatred of Political Correctness, and like to remind people that facts are more important than feelings, so I feel that I should abide by their wishes in describing them: they don’t like niggers, and they’re not faggot fans. Kikes, either, or maybe especially. You let a Jew count your money, and then you throw him in the oven to make sure he doesn’t steal from you.

And maybe you just thought, “Well, that’s not me. Someone can vote for Trump and not be one of those loathsome people.” I say you can’t. Judge a man by the company he keeps, and both the candidate and his supporters should be viewed in the light of that idea. If you are voluntarily standing with stupid, racist assholes, and you’re voting for a stupid, racist asshole, then you are by definition a stupid, racist asshole. I’ve lost my patience with all of this.

And may God help us all, he’s running against the one human being who could lose to him.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled nonsense.


  1. Here fuckin here to that…amen.

  2. Plenty of room on the farm ToTD

  3. Not every post here is fictional. This one is fact

  4. Right fucking on. Every word and more.

  5. Right on.

    He has already done great damage. As you have said so well above.

    The man probably has a dozen words for ethnicities he hates, but would fail if asked to list 10 countries, heads of states, treaties important to the US, etc etc


  6. Deplorable doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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