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Soup Has Turned On Me

foot burn.jpg

“What’d I do, man?”

Not you. The tasty liquid meal.

“Oh, right. That stuff, man. Never get near it, man.”


“Doesn’t know what it is, man. Food or beverage? Make up your mind, man.”

That makes both perfect sense and no sense whatsoever.

“I’m Soup, man.”


  1. Looks flesh-eating to me, better have that sucker removed.

  2. I’ll see your flesh wound and raise you #fuckingmeow

  3. dumb thing did not post the 1st time

  4. SmokingLeather

    August 6, 2016 at 5:44 pm


  5. I’ll see your foot and raise you a finger tip

  6. Maybe sick to gazpacho for a while?

  7. Your Mom wants to know if you met any nice lady doctors at the ER.

  8. What am I looking at. What is this. Why God. I hate feet so much. I didn’t know it was possible for FEET to look Jewish, but by god, TotD, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN. AND CLIP YOUR TOENAILS!

    I’m sorry I’m just really really not a fan of feet

  9. ay caramba

    • most annoying comment image auto-crop to date

      • swaggie maggie

        August 6, 2016 at 6:35 pm

        Speaking of feet, which I HATE except if they’re mine because I actually have really nice feet, what color should I paint my toenails this month

        • Quiz for the comment section..

          The following quote comes from which of the following people.

          “Speaking of feet, which I HATE except if they’re mine because I actually have really nice feet”

          A: Donald Trump
          B: Donald Trump as spoken by ToTD
          C: Someone else
          D: Everyone else
          E: Nobody Else

      • The only solution at this point to this to precrop.

  10. I comment too much, I know, can’t help it. I look at the recent comments list and all I see is me, still can’t stop, sorry.

    Did someone say Jewish foot?

    • Damn, some people have really ugly feet. I have some fantastic feet and I’m proud of them. Fuck the fakes #

  11. Luther Von Baconson

    August 8, 2016 at 4:13 am

    there’s a jewish beagle in your crescent moon wound. get some mercurochrome on that it.

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