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jerry weirdo guitar 72

Continuing the general topic of weirdo guitars, there’s Garcia playing this sucker: the body looks like a Gibson 335, but the headstock looks like one of those Vox teardrop guitars. Also, the best I can make out: the words on the headstock say “Micro Frets.”

(A very tiny amount of research shows that Micro Frets is a fully-defunct guitar company that made many bitchin’ guitars, including the Spacetone Garcia’s trying out. Hell, you can buy one right now if you got two grand.)


  1. John Cusack?

  2. Im listening to 7/1/94 Stash

    • Okay, at least you can reply to things on here. It’s confusing as hell and if you’re going to keep it, we can all learn to love it. Btw guys this is your Esteemed Princess of the Comments Section Swaggie Maggie

  3. The Central Shaft

    February 23, 2016 at 12:16 am

    My vote is to stick with disqus. seems least of many evils.

  4. That is not Garcia.

    Takes a combination of things to make a Garcia. You can miss one or two and still have a Garcia, but too many missing pieces here.

    The pressed shirt with buttons, the clean hands, the trimmed beard with neither flotsam or jetsam.

    Do the math ToTD..
    This is obviously a wax museum garcia with a random guitar.


  5. I no good at disqus

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