Hey, kid.


Yeah. Little towhead.

“I’m not s’posed to talk to strangers.”

I’m not a stranger. I’m from the internet.


See all those colorful buttons on the floor?


Go play with them.

“Mommy said not to.”

Your mother has an agenda. Trust me.

“Who is the skinny guy?”

His name is Phil.

“My name is Solarsystem.”

So, you’re local to Marin County?



“Does he have kids?”


“The guy you told me his name.”



Yeah. And he has a grand kid a little younger than you, I guess.

“He is sooooooo old.”

Happens to the best of us. Actually, it doesn’t. It happens to some of us.

“I’m gonna stay a kid.”

Good decision.

“I know. What’s your favorite dinosaur?”


“HE IS AWESOME! They have armored shells and tails.”

And they were like twenty feet long.

“I would have one for a pet and ride him to school. I would pick up my friends.”

How would you steer an ankylosaur?

“He would know where to go.”