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Brian, who lives in the Comment Section–

He doesn’t live in the Comment Section.

–has voted for 4/23/77 and you can’t prove he doesn’t live there.

Only because of the rules of proving stuff.

What if you used a very loose definition?

If you use a very loose definition, anything can mean anything and we might as well point at shit while grunting. Words mean things. Math words really mean things.


Also, he flat-out said he was from Massachusetts.

Springfield, where the Dead performed Scarlet>Fire on 4/23/77, to be precise.


Springfield is depressing this time of year.

What’s it like in the summer?

Hot and depressing.


Also much more dangerous.

Oh, yeah. How’s the S>F?

It’s good. It is not the BEST EVAR, but it is short and opens with Phil’s Cornell riff and the closing jam gets very good and the drummers start losing their shit around eight minutes in.

Listen; don’t; do what you want to do.

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  1. I’m in Northampton, not Springfield. The difference being you may be randomly shot at in Springfield; in Northampton you may be accidentally hit upside the head by a banjo or an accordion–with a street performer attached to it– if you don’t look where you’re walking.

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