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Stand, In The Place Where Phil Works

Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead Concert at Brendan Bryne Arena 1 April 1988

Every once in a while, Phil would challenge the rest of the Grateful Deads to a Standing Broad Jump contest; Phil had skinny legs, but he pumped his arms very well, and could get air.

Also: those are the biggest glasses in the entire world. There’s more glass in the pyramid outside the Louvre, but just.

Also also: TotD is shocked to see the guitar-holder-stand-thing behind Phil. I would have figured on an elaborate, hand-made stand from Alembic that cost two grand.


  1. “You’re about to experience a real Phil bomb.” #timesheathbocce

  2. Nice title…. I see what you did there.

  3. That’s no guitar stand; it’s a cup holder (I should know; I have one just like it.) Robbie fucked up and left the drink on the speaker.

  4. Is that Brent’s B3 spinner-thing, on his right?
    If so, I’m all backwarded…

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