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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (Stadium) #2

mickey keith phil 78 onstage

Hey, Ramrod: who’s the new guy in charge of stacking things on top of one another?

“Oh, that’s Precarious Lee. Great fellow. Not super-awesome with engineering principles or even basic spatial relationships. Also, he smells like a slaughterhouse’s asshole. But an optimist, and well-read.”

Well, can’t we give him another job, man? He’s gonna kill somebody.

“Oh, people have already died: you were in the bathroom.”

And we have no way of setting these monitors other than strapping their naked, unpainted husks to random road cases in the most unaesthetic fashion possible?

“Oh, there’s am almost infinite variety of ways, but every one of them would take more time and energy. We chose to do the bare minimum and had to be physically threatened and bribed with cocaine to do even that, if I’m honest.”

And Keith’s piano has a heat shield on it because…?

“Are you aware of what re-entry temperatures are?”

We’re done here.


  1. Anchovy Rancher

    November 3, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Or, simply oblivious to happenstance near the backline.

  2. Phil: “This doesn’t look like Egypt, Rod.”
    Ramrod: “This is the Meadowlands, Phil.”
    Phil: “How did we end up in Israel, man?”
    Ramrod: “Egypt is tomorrow, Phil. This is New York , dude.”
    Phil: “Hienekins time?”

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