I came of age in the 60’s & 70’s, when the rules about when and to what extent women were permitted to speak were different. That was the awesome culture then, plus they wore bras far less often.

I have since learned that rape is a no-no.

I realized some time ago–right around when I found out that the New York Times was printing an article about my behavior, in fact–that I needed to change my behavior.

Now that I’m in trouble for it, I appreciate the ways my interactions with people have caused pain and I hope that people will choose to believe this letter written by a lawyer rather than 30 years of pussy-grabbing.

Though it will take a long time, I am working to make myself a better person and that’s what’s important here: a rich man’s self-image. I’ve paid several women to tell me the truth, and will continue to pay them until they tell me I’m a great guy. One of them is Lisa Bloom, who is a feminist, and I have already made great strides. For example, I have not asked her to watch me shower yet. Lil Wayne wrote in Hoes “I got this rat name Shelly dat loves Makaveli; Number 5 combo meals it’s bad she K-Y jelly.” The same is true for me.

I will be stepping away from the film industry briefly to go to rehab and then work at raising money for Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma Puerto Rico Las Vegas. I will also be spending $5 million to start a foundation aimed at supporting women directors, and running the foundation and choosing the women who get the scholarships. The interviews will be held in the Peninsula Hotel, suite 1402. Don’t wear anything too complicated.


The actual statement.