I have never met Steve Bannon or his many shirts in my life. Since my historic win of the presidency, something that Crooked Hillary couldn’t manage to do even though she was married to Blowjob Bill, parasites and losers have crawled out of their homes in the inner cities to attack me and hate America, which I am in charge of.

Many people, great people, who are working towards making America as great as they are, and they’re great, came in and out of my winning campaign that I won, defeating 17 challengers, one of whom was a black and whatever Marco Rubio is. Also a woman, but a mess. Bad face. Steve Bannon was not there when I came up with Low-Energy Jeb or called Ted Cruz’ wife ugly. She is!

Steve spent his short time on my campaign drinking and maybe sexually harassing interns and also maybe colluding with Russia. Robert Mueller, who is a Democratic spy, should investigate Steve Bannon for collusion with the Russians, and also for selling all that uranium to Huma Abedin, who is probably a terrorist.

If Steve Bannon, who I do not know, is so smart, then why did he endorse the weak Roy Moore, who I also do not know and did not endorse? So many wonderful, beautiful things are happening because of me and only me and not anyone else, but the lying media who is failing only wants to lie and fail and be weak.

While certain lying drunks wearing too many shirts only want to “leak” to the press, I have to make America great again with the help of my many, many great Republican Senators and Congressmen and maybe I’ll even do a bipartisan. Instead of trying to burn America down, we will burn America up!