Speaking of Betty and her Boards, here’s one from that weird, rocking refractory period after Egypt that began and ended at Winterland. 12/28/78 at Golden Hall in San Diego is a great night for the boys and an emblematic one for a girl.

Betty’s recording is perfect, as good as most official remasters and better than a couple I could name (Looking at you, Digital Download series.) Drums swept hard left and right and fully encompassing the highs and lows of the sound stage. You can hear the woody thwump and thunderous phwooOOO of Phil’s bass. Vocals are subtly separated–you can almost see them standing there.

PLUS, an awesome early Shakedown with great Donna backup, a killer Lazy Lightning>Supplication, AND at 9 minutes into Eyes, they play Lovelight. Not, like, a little Lovelight tease: they flat-out play the sumbitch for half a minute.

And then, because it’s the winter of ’78, we gotta sit through Mickey playing the fucking oud for six minutes.