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Stealin’, Stealie

stealie prince

Anyone out there torrenting Prince’s records suck: the man made his purple preferences plain, and we should respect that. To purchase an illegal bootleg would be similarly wrong.

BUUUUUT I figure that trading live tapes are okay. Hell, I kinda have to think trading live tapes are okay. For a Deadhead not to believe that is like an American not believing in free beverage refills: it’s coded into the virus.

So I’ll compromise and say just this: if one were to go to a safe harbor populated by scurvy privateers and search for a two-word phrase that is the equivalent of “the son of the King is not dead,” then one would find some great stuff, including a ’92 AUD with the New Power Generation that is absolutely sterling and I am rocking out to currently.

Don’t tell anybody, though: Prince is dead, but his legal team is still on retainer.

Also: this was the only Prince Stealie I could find. Someone needs to make a good one with the Artist Formerly Known As Symbol in the head.


  1. Creds to BrotherCKrafty on Instagram dingus

  2. after the killings at Le Bataclan, i read that one of the most killer shows was

    2 CD
    Disc Length : 78:26 / 70:00
    Source : Audience Recording
    Sound Quality : EX

    One Nite Alone Tour Aftershow
    Le Bataclan, Paris
    29th October 2002 (am)

    Disc 1

    Instrumental Jam 2. Good Morning To You 3. Bambi 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Family Name 6. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) 7. The Question Of U 8. The One 9. Fallin’ 10. Take 5 11. Ain’t No Sunshine 12. She’s Always In My Hair 13. Peach 14. Shake 15. I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing 16. The Work, Part 1

    Disc 2

    777-9311 – The Stick 2. Hair 3. Brick House 4. Skin Tight 5. Cool 6. All The Critics Love U In Paris 7. Alphabet St. 8. Johnny – Blues In G 9. All The Critics Love U In Paris – Body Don’t Wanna Quit 10. Dolphin 11. Santana Medley 12. Come On – Party Till The Sun Comes Up 13. Housequake – Time To Get Funky [chant]

    and it IS killer
    through trading I also have
    1984-06-07 First Avenue – From The Soundboard
    1985-04-07 Miami, FL (Last Show of Purple Rain Tour)
    1989-02-07 – Rainbow Hall – Nagoya, Japan (sbd) Prince
    From the Soundboard Vol. 1- Detroit Fox Theatre (2015)
    Prince – 2011.07.26 – Melkweg 2nd Night
    Prince – 30 Years Of Unreleased Funk Vol 3
    Prince And The Revolution – 08-03-1983 – Minneapolis MN First Ave [SBD_SHN]

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