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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Stella Lou

lou reed dress girl citifield

“You look Jewish.”

Excuse me?

“Oh, are you insulted by that? Do you think that looking Jewish is a bad thing? Because you do look rather Jewish.”

Please don’t be a dick, Lou Reed Dress.

“Do you have any Obetrol?”

I don’t think they make that any more.

“You look at me when I talk to you or I’ll punch you in your heeb nose.”

You are truly living up to your reputation, Lou Reed Dress.

“Did Iggy Pop Dress say anything about me?”

You’re the worst.


  1. Lou was a Jew no?

  2. Is she famous, or is it the dress?

    I am so glad I do not know who is famous. Except at times like this.

    Avoiding TV after age 20 was the best choice I made in life, well except at times like this.

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