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Stomp And Circumstance

Listen up, sinners, spinners, and bread-winners because Thoughts on the Dead provides you with the nummies, the yummies, and the head-wind in your tummies with this fresh-as-flesh selection: 10/24/72 in the Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.

Just the second set for this one, and there’s a sound drop-off before Casey Jones, but it doesn’t matter: this one’s about the Stomp. the Philo Stomp, in all its “screwing around with the Quad sound” beauty and drive. This one, though, is not just HoF: it verges–and you might want to sit down or adopt a rescue dog for this revelation–on BEST EVAR.

I said it. EVAR. (Honestly, though: adopt a rescue dog. A lot of people find they don’t know who rescued whom!)

Nine minutes into TOO, Phil starts to stomping, but Billy won’t let Phil Stomp all by himself.

“I wanna stomp with you, Philo!” Billy cried happily.

“Join me, Bill…I mean: Bill-O!”

And they laughed and laughed and then remembered they were professional musicians and shifted gears to what makes this one: Billy lays down a rock solid four-on-the-floor that anyone could follow, and no one else can resist, not Garcia or Keith and then Bobby starts playing one of those giant step chords of his and then Garcia and Bobby lay out for minutes at a time and Phil battles with Keith in the Stompatorium.


C’mon, man. Just tell people about the show. Stop making up words.

Oh, I should just talk straight about the…ahem…”Philo Stomp?”

Point taken.

Then there’s the descent in the Tiger jam and back up into a He’s Gone that will touch your butthole the way you want your butthole to be touched, including “do not, under any circumstances, touch my butthole.” It will teach you the ways of love. And of joy.

Oh, just get it over with.


Good job, sport. 



  1. This is all hilarious! Can’t wait to delve deeper. So… Is the ‘beaver’ story true? It would ‘shed light’ on the whole thing. Damm it. Hahahahaha.

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