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Stone Cold Fox

Contest time, cats and kittens. In honor of Fox Day, and its storied (literally) Scarlet>Fire, we are settling this once and for all.

Put your favorites in the Comment Section. I’ll listen to them tonight and make my final ruling which, of course, will be right. I don’t know what I’m going to say, but I know I’m going to be correct.

Let’s take Cornell and Normal as already read, and the first person to suggest an ’83 without damn good reason gets banninated.

To start us off, live from Atlanta, GA, here is the 22-minute 11/30/80 second set-opener in the original super-clear AUD.


  1. i was there 35 years ago tonight!

  2. Hola Mr ToTD! I will go with 3/10/81. 26 1/2 minutes of bliss. Please do not operate heavy machinery while listening. Cheers!

  3. This is exciting. Dead recommendations!

  4. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    November 30, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    1981 was the year of Peak Brent and this gold filigreed Scarlet > Fire lifted us out of the most un-psychedelic gym at Rutgers University in New Jersey and carried us off to the mountain. Even the cheering for the thunder and lightning visible through the skylight during the Fire couldn’t pull us back.

  5. 6-16-85 Greek
    I’m biased though. This was my first tape given to me in the 9th grade by my dealer’s big brother in 86′.

  6. In 9th grade my dealer’s big brother gave me my first live dead tape, 6-16-85. That remains my favorite.

  7. The only version dedicated to mice and rats 9-1-79 Holleder Stadium Rochester, NY

    archiveorg gd79-09-01.sbd.dodd.18898.sbeok.shnf width=640 height=140 frameborder=0 webkitallowfullscreen=true mozallowfullscreen=true]

  8. Dredged from the swamp of OTDIDH, these are the honourable mentions for Scarlet > Fire:

    18-Mar-77 Winterland, San Francisco
    22-Apr-77 Spectrum, Philadelphia
    27-Apr-77 Capitol Theater, Passaic
    5-May-77 Veterans Memorial, New Haven
    13-May-77 Auditorium Theater, Chicago May 77 box
    21-May-77 Civic Center, Lakeland
    25-May-77 The Mosque, Richmond DaP 1
    2-Oct-77 Paramount Theater, Portland
    9-Oct-77 McNichols Sports Arena, Denver
    2-Nov-77 Seneca Fieldhouse, Toronto DaP 12
    6-Nov-77 Broome County Arena, Binghamton
    27-Dec-77 Winterland, San Francisco
    31-Dec-77 Winterland, San Francisco
    6-Apr-78 Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa
    16-Apr-78 Civic Center, Huntington
    24-Apr-78 Field House, Normal DaP 7
    11-May-78 Civic Center, Springfield DP 25
    2-Sep-78 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford
    22-Oct-78 Winterland, San Francisco RT Vol 1 No 4
    28-Dec-78 Kaiser Center, Oakland
    30-Dec-78 Pauley Pavilion, Westwood
    31-Dec-78 Winterland, San Francisco Closing of Winterland
    3-Feb-79 Market Square, Indianapolis
    1-Nov-79 Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale DP 13 hidden track
    12-Jun-80 Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland
    10-Oct-80 Warfield, San Francisco
    14-Oct-80 Warfield, San Francisco
    30-Nov-80 Fox Theatre, Atlanta DaP 8
    27-Feb-81 Uptown Theater, Chicago
    5-Mar-81 Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh
    10-Mar-81 Madison Square Garden, NYC
    20-Mar-81 Rainbow, London
    16-Aug-81 McArthur Court, Eugene
    31-Aug-81 Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas
    12-Sep-81 Greek Theater, Berkeley
    4-Oct-81 Rainbow, London
    3-Apr-82 Scope, Norfolk
    23-May-82 Greek Theater, Berkeley
    8-Aug-82 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy
    13-Apr-83 Patrick Field House, Burlington
    18-Jun-83 SPAC, Saratoga Springs
    21-Oct-83 Centrum, Worcester 30 Trips Around the Sun
    13-Apr-84 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton
    3-Jul-84 Starlight Theater, Kansas City S > Touch > F > S
    20-Feb-85 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
    27-Mar-85 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Download 5
    16-Jun-85 Greek Theater, Berkeley
    1-Jul-85 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia
    5-Sep-85 Red Rocks, Morrison
    15-Sep-85 Devore Field, Chula Vista
    8-Jul-87 Civic Center, Roanoke
    16-Mar-88 Kaiser Center, Oakland
    28-Jun-88 SPAC, Saratoga Springs
    15-Jul-88 Greek Theater, Berkeley
    6-Apr-89 Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor
    19-Oct-89 Spectrum, Philadelphia
    20-Oct-89 Spectrum, Philadelphia
    22-Mar-90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario Spring 1990 box
    15-Jun-90 Shoreline, Mountain View
    20-Feb-91 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
    21-Mar-91 Capital Centre, Landover
    27-Mar-91 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale
    7-Jun-91 Deer Creek, Noblesville
    19-Jun-91 Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston Download 11
    25-Jun-91 Sandstone Amphitheater, Bonner Springs
    4-Sep-91 Coliseum, Richfield
    31-Oct-91 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
    31-May-92 Silver Bowl, Las Vegas
    17-Dec-92 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
    19-Dec-93 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
    30-Mar-94 Omni, Atlanta
    14-Jun-94 Memorial Stadium, Seattle
    19-Jun-94 Autzen Stadium, Eugene
    1-Aug-94 Palace, Auburn Hills
    1-Oct-94 Boston Garden, Boston 30 Trips Around the Sun
    14-Oct-94 Madison Square Garden, NYC
    23-Mar-95 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte
    26-May-95 Memorial Stadium, Seattle
    21-Jun-95 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany

    Worth noting some points. The very first was one of the very best. 22 Mar 1990 is worth checking out for a late S > F. On 12 June 1980, Mt St Helens erupted at 9:21 pm, just after the transition in Fire on the Mountain. 1977 is the year of the great S > F. 23 May 1982 at the Greek is a candidate for non 1977 S > F.


    Jaded cause I was there up close. I was still a new head and this was one of the early shows that sucked me right in.

  10. I really like 4-23-77 in Springfield, MA. A very dirty town (I live in the general area) where the Dead always played well. Listen to Jerry’s “I can be a rock star too!” delivery on the “there ain’t nothing wrong with the way she moves”. Awesome. And the energy is fantastic.

  11. Was gonna go with 9/1/79

    Backup 2/3/79, begonias explodes !!

  12. I have been listening to a few of these S > F. There are riches aplenty. The Greek Fires just burn down the house, burn the bridges, burn the boats, burn the barn, burn everything.

  13. I know your rule about ’83’s, but here’s one for you anyway – 10/14/1983. I was at this show and many of the other early 80’s gigs mentioned above. Truthfully however, I don’t remember very many specific songs at specific venues and dates. The Archive has been nice hasn’t it? Anyway, this Scarlet>Fire is fun and worthy of a relisten.

  14. I know, I know but really that ’83 AUDIENCE TAPE is one of the best sounding auds I’ve ever heard – Holy mackerel, some people say it’s better than the SB they used for Dick’s Picks 6. Checkout this 2nd set, Scarlet>Fire (20 min), Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Spanish Jam>The Other One>Stella Blue>Sugar Mags!

  15. Honorable mention for a GD band with no original members….Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at the Brooklyn Bowl. Absolutely smokin’ begonias>mtn.

    Methinks I’ll be at the Fox in Oakland on the 12th to see this in person.

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