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Story Untold


Grant or Barnard.
Barnard or Grant.
I’ve seen it both ways.

First name Veronica.
Also called Vee.
I’ve seen it both ways.

Pigpen’s black girlfriend.
Pigpen’s black girlfriend.
I’ve seen it both ways.


  1. A lot prettier then in that other picture.

  2. Pig & PBR.
    I remember reading an interview with Garcia not long after Pigpen’s death, Jerry lamenting that even when they were starting to make some decent money (Garcia had managed to get a new Bentley) Pigpen would always still buy the cheapest rotgut –MD 20-20, Richard’s Wild Irish Rose…’

  3. That’s some good poetizing there. Simple and yet not. Worthy of the Pig.

  4. I’ve never seen this photo before,…..very nice. Thanks!

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