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Stuck In The Middle With Keith

band 77 bw phil tie

I’ve seen other shots from this photo shoot (Phil Wears a Tie in ’77), but not this particular picture. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good group shot, and we shall get back to basics by going left to right.

  • Mickey wins.
  • That is the most fuckable Mickey’s hair has ever been.
  • Plus the hockey jersey/mustache combo: he looks like a the left-winger on the fighting line.
  • Sure, there’s a bit of coke-face going one, but still: Mickey wins.
  • What happened to the guy who used to own that tie?
  • Did Phil take it as a prize?
  • Phil’s hair also looks good, but not as good as Mickey’s; also, Phil has no mustache.
  • And he needs to stop looking at Mrs. Donna Jean like that.
  • And Mrs. Donna Jean needs to stop looking at Phil like that.
  • Garcia sees it.
  • Look at Garcia’s face.
  • I’ll wait.
  • Right?
  • There’s no culture in the world in which that expression doesn’t translate to “Goddammit, man.”
  • (Although neither Phil nor Garcia is wearing his glasses, so they might think they’re looking at each other.)
  • A rare L for Bobby.
  • Bobby usually wins the picture, but his starter beard can’t stand up to Mickey’s Doug Henning-style.
  • If Bobby’s ’77 beard used the Time Sheath to meet Bobby’s current beard, it would be in awe.
  • The real-life Billy has the liberal views you might expect from a Grateful Dead, but Billy’s face in this picture is voting for Trump.
  • Also, if Billy and Mickey tilted their heads to opposing sides, their mustaches would form parentheses around the Grateful Dead.
  • Oh, Keith.
  • You’ve seen some shit, haven’t you?


  1. I remember when I first found this blog I went through hours and hours of posts like these and I was so happy. I mean, SO happy. A very intelligent and witty Deadhead who actually gets online! What could be better?

    And now we’re here. Princess of the Comments Section and all.

  2. Keith and Bobby’s arms. Look at Keith and then his arm first. Then look at Bobby’s arm and then Bobby’s face. Bobby is making fun of Keith.

  3. Billy was dragged out of bed, or sleeping somewhere in those clothes for this photo.

  4. I think that is Cody’s tie

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